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This unique clothes hanger designed by Dimitris Kalergis and crafted from solid oak and chestnut wood, resembles a tuxedo with its three joints, especially at the collar spot. The upper part consists of three iron hooks in black matte color. All hangers in this category have two options, a simple version for hanging clothes and one with a horizontal lower metal bar in the same color with hooks, with two additional carvings for garments with straps. The whole process except of the cutting of the three hooks is handmade.

Dimensions: 42 × 7 × 22.3 cm
Wrap dimensions: cm x cm x cm
* Dimensions: Length x Width x Height
Material: Wood, Wood
Weight: 485gr
Gross weight: gr
* The minimum quantity for this product is 1 pcs.
  • the luxurious packaging (hard box with velvet lining and satin ribbon ATRION)
  • the Authenticity Certificate


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