The Olive collection

The olive tree, a unique symbol of success since antiquity,
acts as a source of inspiration for exclusive gifts to honor your partners and conference delegates.
From a small miniature, to an impressive VIP gift, the ATRION olive collection offers wonderful solutions for your corporate and conference gifts.
Handmade items in a wide range of prices and an impressive mix of materials will impress the recipients.

  • Victorious I

    SKU: K12
    112.00 €
  • Victorious I_g

    SKU: K12_G
    120.00 €
  • Olive Tree in a Box

    SKU: SR10_exclusive
    169.00 €
  • The Victorious

    SKU: K15G
    196.00 €
  • The Victorious_VIP

    SKU: K15G_VIP
    420.00 €