The Conference Collection

At ATRION we understand the demanding process of organizing a conference. Our goal is to take the burden of choosing the right gift for the delegates, and take one thing off your to do list. Whether it is a corporate event giveaway gift, a VIP gift for the speakers or a special award, we offer you items that will honour the recipients.

Even if our standard collection does not match your concept, our team is here to design and create a tailored solution for your event through our Tailored Design service. Just send us an e-mail ( with your brief (concept, logo and bugdet) and you will immediately receive our specialized proposals.

With attention to each and every detail and precision on your timeline, we deliver strictly within the deadlines.

  • Concrete form

    SKU: DW02
    7.90 €
  • Little olive branch

    SKU: SV10
    8.70 €
  • Phaistos_s

    SKU: SV05
    8.70 €
  • Little Starfish

    SKU: SV06
    8.70 €
  • Alexander the Great_s

    SKU: SV04
    8.70 €
  • Little Anchor

    SKU: SV07
    8.70 €
  • Vergina _s

    SKU: SV03
    8.70 €
  • Olympic mini

    SKU: TM70
    9.90 €
  • Anchor_keyholder

    SKU: DS69
    11.50 €
  • Little Olive

    SKU: TA01
    11.60 €
  • Sailing boat on marble

    SKU: SV12
    11.60 €
  • Evil Eye_keyholder

    SKU: LB06
    12.00 €
  • Akrokeramo

    SKU: MA64
    12.50 €
  • Olive in black and gold

    SKU: TA02
    12.60 €
  • Paper Boat I

    SKU: I3
    12.60 €