• Olive tree_natural

    SKU: SR33
    35.90 €
  • Olive tree_natural

    SKU: SR33
    35.90 €
  • Parthenon in a box

    SKU: SR08
    96.00 €
  • Antefix Oro

    SKU: EM07
    59.00 €
  • The olive set

    SKU: i63
    64.00 €
  • Wheel on marble

    SKU: SV02
    12.60 €
  • Anchor

    SKU: SV01
    11.60 €
  • Butterfly_blue

    SKU: MM01B
    25.00 € 19.00 €
  • Mediterranean Boat I

    SKU: MM03
    45.00 € 32.00 €
  • Bee_orange

    SKU: MM02O
    25.00 € 19.00 €
  • Bee_yellow

    SKU: MM02Y
    25.00 € 19.00 €
  • Butterfly_red

    SKU: MM01R
    25.00 € 19.00 €
  • Winner V

    SKU: RK07
    37.00 € 26.00 €
  • Winner III

    SKU: RK10
    40.00 € 33.00 €
  • Luck II

    SKU: RK17 (2 items available)
    27.00 € 21.00 €

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  • I would like to thank the people of ATRION for their professionalism, flexibility and amiability. It is the second year that we use ATRION Art Gifts for the Awards of our CEO Challenge Europe Competition and we have been impressed by the quality of the design and execution.

    Atrion Art Gifts managed to capture the Unique touch we wanted to provide to our finalists with this Awards. They also managed to provide us extra awards in record timings and made sure the delivery happened on time.

    I recommend Atrion Art Gifts to everyone who wants to play the safe side when organizing an event.

    Mrs Mouna Benchabira, TS Switzerland Specialist

  • ATRION Art Gifts has proved to be an excellent partner.

    We were impressed with the promptness and quality of their work. Everything was very carefully to the last detail despite considerable pressure of time .

    Congratulations and thank you for the perfect result, the timely delivery and the flexibility you have shown despite the peculiarities of the particular assignment.”

    George Arfanis, Marketing Officer

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ATRION Art Gifts is a young, flexible, boutique company with the objective of providing exclusive business gifts with an original twist that will make your gift experience memorable. Our team will carefully listen to your needs and propose the right solution to meet your company’s specific expectations and budget.
We look forward to offering you the best solution for a special corporate gift that will honour your recipient.

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